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Native American Pedagogies Conference

April 27th, 2018.
Willard Reading Room
Zimmerman Library

The Native American Pedagogies Conference examines how faculty can best support and facilitate learning among Native American students. The conference will examine how applying Native American ways of knowing  and utilizing students Worldviews can aid their success in courses, research, support and graduation. Faculty and students are invited to join in depth roundtable discussions on  Indigenous Worldviews in Higher Education, Intersectionality, and Teaching and Pedagogies.

Dr. Lloyd Lee, Professor of Native American Studies and winner of 2016- 2018 Presidential Teaching Fellows Award, designed the conference to promote teaching excellence within the UNM community. Prof Lee and roundtable facilitators from (Dept's) will share their expertise in Native American teaching and pedagogies (I don't know what else to put here, maybe tidbit descriptions of the roundtables  

Native Worldviews


Teaching and Pedagogies

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