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Move Beyond Civility: How to Facilitate Difficult Dialogues in the Classroom

Tuesday, September 27th


CTLB 110

What will be covered:

Many faculty members are experiencing a significant increase in both the frequency and the intensity of difficult dialogues in their classrooms. Their ability to engage students and facilitate meaningful dialogue in these moments not only furthers learning, but can also impact student success. Mismanaged conversations often result in unresolved issues, misunderstanding, and simmering conflict that undermine learning outcomes and campus-wide goals to create inclusive campus environments.

    Join us on Sept. 27th and in just 90 minutes, you and your colleagues will learn how to help your faculty members better navigate difficult dialogues and conflict in the classroom.

    We know this has been a particularly difficult year as students continue to challenge faculty and administrators to hear their concerns, engage in difficult conversation and make meaningful change on campus. Our expert presenter, Dr. Kathy Obear — the President of the Alliance for Change Consulting & Coaching and Co-Founder of The Social Justice Training Institute — will share facilitation strategies, training activities and resources to help deepen your faculty members' capacity to maintain classrooms that support student learning and success.