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Place, Learning, and Games: Using mobile technology to create interactive experiences

Wednesday, Oct. 4th


CTLB room 110

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Too often, learning is constructed in the classroom as an assimilation of abstract facts and principles, and there is no connection between what's in the book and how these ideas take on meaning in life and action. Mobile technology, and genres like AR, provide flexible ways to develop context, collaboration, and action as part of a learning experience. The same mechanics that Pokemon Go used to overwhelm our parks last year can be put to far more diverse purposes. Learning can be situated within authentic contexts, and connections can be made between concepts in class and the world around us like never before. From learning games to data collection, the rich forms of interaction possible with mobile are as accessible to luddites as they are to programmers, thanks to easy-to-use tools like the open source platform ARIS. In this workshop, you'll learn some of what's been done with these tools to create rich, meaningful learning experiences, and how you can get involved yourself..

Facilitator: Chris Holden