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Awards / Grants

Teaching Awards

Presidential Teaching Fellow: All tenured faculty are eligible. The Presidential Teaching Fellowship promotes excellence in teaching by establishing a core group of faculty who are given the highest recognition for their effective teaching. Additionally, Fellows carry a special responsibility for ensuring teaching excellence by sharing their expertise with the University Community. One Fellow is selected each year and serves an active term of two years, during which time they may receive special award compensation. Fellows retain their title while employed at UNM and receive a permanent increase to base salary. Nominations can be made by colleagues, students, or alumni.

Teaching Allocation Grants

Funds are available for grants to faculty in support of proposals the primary purpose of which is to enhance teaching effectiveness. Applications are due at the end of the fall semester. Overall quality of proposals should approximate those submitted to national granting agencies. However, avoid jargon and write in language understandable to non-specialists in the field.

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2014 TAG Recipient Reports due March 20, 2015
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