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Teaching Fellows Program

As a public research university the University of New Mexico has the expertise to provide state-wide and national leadership for a more scholarly, evidence-based approach to college teaching. One of the most powerful and effective ways to create a campus climate that values a more scholarly approach to teaching is to give faculty opportunities to investigate student learning in their own courses.

Teaching Fellows Program:  image displaying the latest recient Dr. Cristyn Elder

The UNM Teaching Fellows program will provide opportunities to discuss one’s teaching in an informed, supportive community, to examine the latest research on teaching and learning, and to conduct research on one’s own teaching. Faculty should apply to the program by articulating a teaching problem that they wish to investigate. For example, a faculty member might identify a common “bottleneck” in student learning in her course and then propose a method of addressing these student misconceptions. At the end of the fall semester, Fellows will submit literature reviews of the scholarship of teaching and learning in their discipline. During the spring semester Fellows will perform their teaching intervention and collect evidence of its effectiveness. The program will culminate in a campus presentation in the fall. At the end of the program, Fellows should have results that could be shared at national conferences in their disciplines and which will form the beginnings of publishable articles.

2016-2017 Teaching Fellows

Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Collaborative Teaching and Learning Building (CTLB)
Room 110

Accepted applicants are expected to commit to the following schedule:

  • An initial half-day meeting in May to introduce fellows to the program and to discuss teaching projects
  • Monthly meetings beginning September to refine teaching experiments and discuss common readings
  • Peer reviews of teaching
  • Submission of a literature review in January
  • Final report
  • A public presentation to UNM campus

Fellows will receive a course release for the fall semester and an additional stipend of $2,000 for the spring.

To apply send a 2-3 page letter of interest, detailing the teaching question you’d like to address, a brief CV highlighting your commitment to teaching, and a letter of support from your department Chair by February 17, 2018 to

If you have any questions about the program or the application process, contact:

Aeron Haynie
Director, Center for Teaching Excellence
Associate Professor of English