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Individual Consultations are private, confidential conversations with the Director available to all instructors: faculty, part-time instructors, and graduate teaching assistants. Topics can include course design, assignment construction, student learning assessment, improving class atmosphere, active learning, or team-based learning. 

Departmental Consultations are tailored to the specific needs of the department or program. The Director will meet with Chairs, Associate Chairs, committees, or groups of faculty. Topics could include developing departmental learning goals, assessing student learning, supporting part-time instructors, integrating writing into the curriculum, the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, and online teaching.

Collaborative Peer Observations of Teaching are arranged each semester. All participants will receive a brief overview of best practices in conducting a peer review of teaching and will then be matched with instructors in other disciplines, according to schedules, and each instructor will observe the other's teaching. These observations are formative, meaning they are not meant to evaluate teaching; instead, they are meant to provide constructive, detailed feedback. These observation reports are not given to department chairs or included in an instructor's file unless s/he decides to include them. If you wish to take part in a peer match, contact the Director by January 1, 2016 for the Spring semester or September 1, 2016 for the Fall Semester.

If you desire an individual or departmental consultation, please contact the Director directly to schedule a meeting.