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Teaching - for Faculty

Welcome to the Center for Teaching & Learning! CTL is the parent organization that houses the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) the program that offers consultations for all instructors, workshops on teaching techniques, grants and awards to support teaching innovation, a Teaching Fellows program, and faculty communities of practice. Our services are open to all UNM instructors: tenured, untenured, full-time, part-time, and graduate teaching assistants.




 The CTE provides opportunities for faculty to think and talk about their teaching, to get help with any aspect of their teaching, and to engage in a national discourse about university teaching where teaching is valued, visible, integrated, and cutting edge. Accordingly, the CTE also provides resources for faculty to study teaching and to contribute to the scholarship of teaching and learning.

New and Noteworthy

Dr. Jesse Alemán, Presidential Teaching Fellow of 2017 provides keynote speech on Pedagogy of the Pissed.

Now Accepting applications for Technology Enhanced Learning Studios.

Undocumented UNM

Undocumented students at the University of New Mexico add tremendous value to our university community. UNM is richer and stronger because of them.  As an institution, UNM is committed to do all it can to support and empower our undocumented students to reach their full potential at the university.