GET SET RESET 2023 Program

Wednesday, August 16th, 2023

GET SET RESET is held annually the week before the start of the fall semester, and features concurrent sessions focused on actionable strategies that instructors can apply to their teaching in the coming semester/academic year.

  • Note: All sessions will be held virtually via Zoom and live captioning will be provided.
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Presenter: Nick Humphries, Lauren Perry-Rummel, Ph.D., Instructional Designers, Center for Teaching & Learning

Description: New to working in Canvas this semester? In this session we’ll go over some valuable tools and resources that can help you build out your course.

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Presenter: Jairo Marshall, Ph.D., Student Success Supervisor at Graduate Support, Center for Teaching & Learning

Description: Creativity is a powerful tool for learning, but it can be challenging to put into practice as a TA. In this session we will discuss the value of adding creativity to a course, some examples of creative teaching practices, and ways to promote creative thinking in your students. We will also review a series of case studies in small groups to develop our own creative practices!

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Presenters: Dr. Kimran Buckholz, Principal Lecturer III, Department of Biology; Dr. Evan Ashworth, Lecturer III, Department of Communication and Journalism; Dr. Pamela Cheek, Professor of French and Associate Provost for Student Success, Office of the Provost and EVP for Academic Affairs; Joseph Sulimann, SEP Coordinator.


Description: In this session, we will provide an overview of the Student Experience Project (SEP) and share how SEP principles have been employed by two UNM faculty members in their classes (with a focus on fostering social belonging and growth mindset). We will discuss how social belonging and growth mindset can be implemented through revising course syllabi, developing assignments, and providing feedback on student work. Additionally, we will allot some time for workshopping (e.g., making thoughtful revisions to course syllabi) to allow attendees to reflect on how they might use SEP principles in their classes. 

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Presenter: Aine McCarthy, Interim Director of Women's Resource Center

Description: The focus of this session is to equip instructors with a basic understanding of common issues related to students’ wellbeing, with an emphasis on the range of on-campus services and resources to which students can be referred for different types of wellness needs and concerns. Among the topics will be practical tips on how to approach conversations with students in order to ease the path to appropriate referral.

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Presenters: Mitch Marty, Adjunct Faculty, Dept. of English and Instructional Designer, Center for Teaching & Learning; Jorge A. Hernández Jr., Ph.D. Candidate and Teaching Assistant, Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese; Zack Ramsey, Teaching Assistant, Dept. of Teacher Education, Educational Leadership & Policy; Cassidy A. Tawse-Garcia, Ph.D. Student and Instructor, Dept. of Geography & Environmental Studies; Austin Bell, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Dept. of Mathematics & Statistics.

Description: As a new (or returning) Graduate Teaching Assistant, you might be asking yourself what to expect during your first day in the classroom. Depending on your department, you might be an instructor of record, developing the course curriculum you will be teaching your students, or you might be assisting a professor with grading and supplementing classroom instruction. During this session, seasoned Graduate Teaching Assistants will discuss their own first day experiences, what they have learned about and from their students, how they have found or formed communities of support related to teaching, and share resources that may be useful to you as you are navigating through your journey as a GTA at UNM. Because we know you may have questions of your own before you step into your first day in the classroom, we will conclude with a Q&A session.

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Presenters: Cree Myers and Megan Hauser, Instructional Media Specialists, Center for Teaching & Learning 

Description: This session provides an overview of definitions, suggestions, considerations and resources concerning the use of AI in online and in-person classrooms.

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Presenters: Mary Willms Wohlwend, Project Manager and Instructional Designer, Center for Teaching & Learning and Bill Swann, Instructional Designer, Center for Teaching & Learning

Description: This session will help you leverage strong course alignment and organization to create clear paths and goals for your students' success in any modality. You will leave with concrete strategies to help with initial course planning and development, and we'll discuss ways that these strategies can help foster a plan for continuous improvement of your course. We will also discuss strategies for using your course map in tandem with Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles, and how investing time in course mapping allows for a smooth building process when coupled with the UNM CTL Online Course Template in Canvas.

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Presenter: Adelbaset Haridy, PhD candidate at the department of Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies; Instructor for OILS 583 – Graduate Teaching, Center for Teaching and Learning

Description: You are assigning readings, but some students do not complete the assigned work? You are asking questions, but no one wants to participate? You are giving tests/exams, but students are not performing well? Do you have other concerns? Join us as we discuss ways to address such situations and the best approaches to prevent them from happening.

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Presenter: Lauren Perry-Rummel, Ph.D., Instructional Designer, Center for Teaching & Learning 

Description: This session focuses on promoting student participation and preparation for class, especially in encouraging active reading. Convincing students to read for class can seem impossible, but with the right approach and tools, students can re-learn how to read for class while increasing their confidence in an academic setting. We will also discuss strategies to increase student engagement in class discussions (both in person and online) and workshop potential applications of these practices for participants' disciplines. 

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12:30 to 1:30 PM: Lunch Break


1:30 to 2:30 PM

Small Group Reflection: Action Planning Your Next Steps for the Semester (groups for all instructors).

This session offers the opportunity for instructors to reflect upon and share in small groups their main takeaways from the Get Set/Reset sessions. As instructors share their plans for implementing or refining teaching and learning approaches, we trust that they will enjoy mutual inspiration and sharpening of ideas.

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2:30 to 4:30 PM: Open Labs

Open Labs allow instructors to meet one-on-one with an instructional designer and ask questions about teaching with Canvas and other aspects of designing for an effective teaching and learning online experience. Click here to connect to open labs.



If you would like a repeat of any of these sessions for your department or program due to scheduling conflicts, please reach out to and we can work with you to offer another workshop opportunity