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CTL and the Graduate Resource Center


The Graduate Resource Center (GRC) was established in 2010 through a Department of Education Title V Grant that focused on the retention and graduation of Hispanic students. Throughout the duration of the grant (2010-2016), the GRC has expanded to serve a broad range of graduate and professional students from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines.



The mission of the Graduate Resource Center is to provide graduate and professional students writing, statistics, and research support across disciplines through peer-facilitated consultations and workshops that help students develop strategies to be effective academic, researchers, and professionals. The Graduate Resource Center serves to increase graduate student retention, reduce time to degree completion, and foster graduate student learning communities across the University of New Mexico.



Currently, the GRC addresses academic achievement and professional development through a number of services:

  • Individual peer-consultations in writing and statistics (by appointment only)
  • Graduate Online Writing Lab where students can submit writing for review by one of our consultants (writing must be 5000 words or less)
  • Peer-facilitated writing boot camps for students working on a thesis or dissertation (registration required)
  • Writing support groups, which consist of either a review group where members exchange writing for feedback or a check-in group where members discuss their writing progress
  • Dissertation coaching for students in the writing stage who need individual support to complete the dissertation
  • Professional and academic workshops aimed at providing students with tools, strategies, and skills to be effective writers, researchers, and professionals



Students are welcomed to use GRC facilities for studying, writing, or holding meetings. The GRC offers:

  • GRC Commons—an open space with tables for students to work, read, write, or relax.
  • Computer Lab—a lab with seven computers outfitted with a variety of programs, such as SPSS, Adobe Pro, Microsoft Office Suite (students may print from here with their LoboCard-single sided printing is 5 cents, double sided is 10 cents)
  • GRC Conference Room—students may call 277-7397 to schedule the conference room for meetings, conference calls, etc.

Contact Info:


Main Phone: (505) 277-1407


Program Supervisor (Stephanie) Phone: (505) 277-1418

Stephanie’s Email:

Social Media:

Facebook: @GraduateResourceCenter

Twitter: @unmgrc

Instagram: @unmgrc