Ceremony & Award Winners

Teaching Awards Ceremony

Friday, October 16, 2020 3PM - 5PM

Ceremony on Zoom

Every year the Center for Teaching Excellence, Office of Graduate Studies and the College of Arts and Sciences host a combined ceremony to recognize dedicated UNM educators.

Award winners are chosen for their commitment to excellent teaching, community engagement and their innovative pedagogy.

We invite colleagues, family, friends to attend the ceremony.

2021-2022 Teaching Excellence Award Winners


2022-2024 Presidential Teaching Fellow Winner

Dr. Laura Haniford
Department of Teacher Education, Education Leadership & Policy


Outstanding Teachers of the Year

Dr. Ilia Rodriguez Nozario
Department of Communication & Journalism

Professor Meggan Gould
Department of Art


New Teacher of the Year

Dr. Jingjing Wang
Department of Economics

Llewelynn "Welly" Fletcher
Department of Art


Lecturer of the Year

Mr. Peng Yu
Department of Language, Cultures & Literatures

Dr. Summer Hayek
Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology


Online Teacher of the Year

Dr. Marina Popova
Department of Mathematics & Statistics


Branch Campus Tenure-Track Teacher of the Year

Dr. Jerry Godbout
Science & Wellness Division, Valencia Branch Campus


Susan Deese-Roberts Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistants of the Year

Korina Apodaca Cordova
Department of Spanish & Portuguese

Austin Bell
Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Jessie Bonafede
Department of English Language & Literature

Sean Fullerton
Department of Health, Exercise & Sport Sciences

Keisuke Kimura
Department of Communication & Journalism

Previous Award Winners

  • Rosa Vallejos-Yópan (Presidential)
  • Felisha Rohan-Minjares (Outstanding)
  • Caroline Scruggs (Outstanding)
  • Fletcher Christensen (New Teacher)
    Sarah Townsend (New Teacher)
  • Frances Vitali (Lecturer)
  • Breanna Griego-Schmitt (Affiliated Faculty)
  • Tracy Lassiter (Branch Tenure)
  • Cecille Perales (Branch Lecturer)
  • Huey Yi Chang (Outstanding Teaching Assistant)
    Jordan O. James (Outstanding Teaching Assistant)
    Stefan Koekemoer (Outstanding Teaching Assistant)
    Andrea Quijada (Outstanding Teaching Assistant)
    Anja Sanchez (Outstanding Teaching Assistant)
    Amy Schofield (Outstanding Teaching Assistant)
  • Manuel Montoya (Presidential)
  • Eva Rodriguez Gonzalez (Outstanding)
  • Christine Zuni Cruz (Outstanding)
  • Maryam Ahranjani (New Teacher)
  • Heather Sweetser (Lecturer)
  • Alaa Quarishi (Affiliated Faculty)
  • Marissa Greenberg (Online Teacher)
  • Josefina Bittar Prieto (Outstanding Teaching Assistant)
  • Motomi Kajitani (Outstanding Teaching Assistant)
  • Jonathan Keller (Outstanding Teaching Assistant)
  • Erin Gould (Outstanding Teaching Assistant)
  • Emma Mincks (Outstanding Teaching Assistant)
    Amy Gore (Teaching Assistant)
  • Bethany Davila (Outstanding)
  • Camille Dwyer (Teaching Assistant)
  • Cristyn Elder (Outstanding)
  • Darin Brown (Teaching Assistant)
  • David Paez (Teaching Assistant)
  • Debra Nieto (Teaching Assistant)
  • Julianne Newark (New Lecturer)
  • Marygold Walsh-Dilley (New Teacher)
  • Noah Painter (New Teacher)
  • Shirley Heying (Online Teacher)
  • Tamar Ginossar (Presidential)
  • Asal Naseri (New Lecturer)
  • Benjamin Burnett (Teaching Assistant)
  • Christopher Butler (Presidential)
  • Finnie Coleman (Outstanding)
  • Heather Canavan (Outstanding)
  • Jami Nunez (New Teacher)
  • Jason Moore (New Teacher)
  • Kate Cartwright (New Teacher)
  • Kellin Rumsey (Teaching Assistant)
  • Kelly C. Da Silva (Teachin Assistant)
  • Mary Hershberger (Teaching Assistant)
  • Peter Lisignoli (New Lecturer)
  • Regina Puccetti (New Lecturer)
  • Sarah Worland (Teaching Assistant)
  • Abdelbaset Haridy (Teaching Assistant)
  • Brian Goldstein (New Teacher)
  • Bruno Gagnon (Outstanding)
  • Christopher Butler (Teacher)
  • Colin Olson (Lecturer)
  • Cristyn Elder (New Teacher)
  • David Schneider (Lecturer)
  • J. Hugo Garcia Macias (Teaching Assistant)
  • Jesse Aleman (Presidential)
  • Jocelyn Gonzales (Rios) (Teaching Assistant)
  • Maria Velez (Teacher)
  • Phillip Schoenberg (Teaching Assistant)
  • Ryan Goodman (Lecturer)
  • Zoe Speidel (Teaching Assistant)
  • Brian Goldstein (New Teacher)
  • Allen E. Butt (Lecturer)
  • Amy L. Brandzel (Teacher)
  • Ana June (Teacher Assistant)
  • Andrew S. Taylor (Teacher Assistant)
  • Bernadine Hernández (New Teacher)
  • Emma Gale Trentman (New Teacher)
  • Kathryn McKnight (Teacher)
  • Kelly Van Andel (Outstanding)
  • Laura L. Burton (Lecturer)
  • Lloyd L. Lee (Presidential)
  • Malik Barrett (Teacher Assistant)
  • Mel Strong (Lecturer)
  • Monica Mancillas (Teacher Assistant)
  • Rachel F. Gift (Teacher Assistant)

List of all previous recipients