GrOWL (Graduate Online Writing Lab)

The Graduate Online Writing Lab is an online support service available to graduate and professional students seeking feedback on their writing, research, and statistics projects. Students can submit their written work online for review by one of our trained consultants.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Consultants will only review up to 5,000 words
  2. Submissions must include specifics on the type of feedback you are seeking (i.e., review for clarity and argument)
  3. For statistics, please submit as a document or image as necessary
  4. Documents meeting these criteria will be read, reviewed, and returned with comments within 72 hours (3 business days)
  5. Please do not submit multiple large documents at the same time; we are a small team and must be available for other students

In order to best support you and provide a review that will be helpful, use the comments section of the submission form to specifically address the feedback you need. The consultants primarily provide feedback on content, argument, organization, and structure.

For statistics support, we can review for technical issues, analysis, proper usage, visualization, and similar topics.  If the issue is substantial, we may request a consultation as well.

Our consultants can provide limited style manual assistance, such as APA and Chicago.  For help with further style formatting, please visit the Purdue Online Writing Lab. For assistance with copy-editing or line-by-line editing, please contact an Off-Campus Editor.

Notice for affiliates:
This form requires that you use your NetID login (e.g. rather than your ID login. If you do not know your NetID, please follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Call the UNM Helpdesk and explain that you need your NetID, and they will provide it after verification.
  2. Log into and search for yourself, or search your name in the UNM Outlook application.

Please email us at ctlgs@unm.edufor any form questions or issues.

 Our GrOWL will close on May 6th, and reopens in June for the Summer semester!

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