Spring Teaching Conference

CTL’s annual teaching conference began in 2005 in partnership with colleges across UNM, and was originally titled Success in the Classroom. Past themes included:

  • Native Pedagogies
  • Teaching and Social Justice
  • Teaching Across Difference
  • Engaging Undergraduates
  • Graduate Students as Teachers
  • How Graduate Students Teach: Pedagogies, Learning, and Leading

Each year the conference includes a keynote speaker or speakers and panels and/or workshops featuring UNM instructors (faculty, graduate students, and staff). Notable keynote speakers include: Sylvia Hurtado, Karen Kelsky, Jesse Aleman, and Kelly Hogan.

The goals of the conference are to:

  • Showcase the great pedagogical work taking place at UNM.
  • Promote and motivate creativity and innovation in teaching.
  • Encourage and support reflective practice and the scholarship of teaching and learning (SOTL).
  • Invigorate the teaching and learning conversations on campus.
  • Facilitate and promote intra- and cross-disciplinary conversations and collaborations on teaching and learning.
  • Create an environment that motivates the formation of teaching communities of practice within and across departments.