Committee for Anti-Racist Education (CARE)


The CTL Committee for Anti-Racist Education began in summer 2020 out of a need to express our Center’s commitment to antiracist pedagogies and educational equity. The committee is composed of CTL staff and students and is entirely voluntary. Together, the committee works to enact antiracist practices throughout our Center and through campus collaborations.

Mission Statement

The CTL Anti-racism Committee acknowledges the ways in which the Center for Teaching and Learning has reinforced racialized and classed inequities that have negatively impacted student learning and community engagement in our spaces.  

Living up to our common goal of improving student and faculty development from both sides of the classroom requires ongoing commitment to and improvement in faculty and student cultural consciousness, understanding of structural racism and colonization and its continued impacts, and making real change within our Center.  

We’re committed to the health and safety of all communities of color on campus and the dismantling of White Supremacy. This begins with explicitly calling out the embedded and pervasive nature of White Supremacy as an institutional practice.