Student Success

Every task we do, decision we make, and conversation we have should serve the ultimate goal of fostering student success. Faculty and staff are part of the solution to student success. Students succeed when they are given the tools they need to feel confident on their own.


Service is about how we treat our stakeholders and each other. We are welcoming, supportive, kind, responsive, and timely. We are present and generous with our time, expertise, and patience. Service means starting from a place of “Yes,” or by connecting people to more appropriate resources. We tailor our services based on feedback and the unique and changing needs of our stakeholders.


We are one team and we pool our collective expertise and creativity to overcome challenges. Our team cooperates beyond CTL, recognizing our part in the larger community, and we encourage students, instructors, and staff to work toward common goals. We presume everyone is doing their best work and model the culture and behaviors we wish to see across UNM. If we don’t understand someone’s behavior, we ask them.


We are all learners, striving to grow as individuals, professionals, academics, and global citizens. Growth is not a linear process and involves taking risks. Mistakes are an opportunity for growth, allowing for us to build better and more responsive processes. We encourage instructors and students to embrace new educational practices and technologies. We incorporate research into everything we do and contribute to local, national, and international conversations.


We realize that the university was not designed for everyone so we are committed to fostering and enacting inclusive pedagogies. We challenge preconceptions of strengths and weaknesses and educate ourselves on the root causes of educational inequity. We seek to identify and remove barriers to access.


We value and affirm the human within us all. We practice mutual respect and acceptance, bringing our authentic selves to work and encouraging others to do the same. We listen to understand, strive to trust and be worthy of that trust, and engage in difficult conversations in order to strengthen our shared sense of purpose.


Compassion underlies how we apply all of our values. No one – students, faculty, ourselves – should feel the burden of going it alone. We are flexible, accepting, and encouraging of various work styles, skills, and needs. We move beyond ideals of perfection and feel free to be our authentic selves, incorporating self-expression and creativity in the work we do.