Video, Animation and Graphics, Interactive Media

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Video Services

We produce high quality, short videos, optimized for online courses. Email Carol Silverman, Videographer, to learn more about this option or to set up an appointment


Animation, Graphic, and Interactive Media Services

We provide a variety of animation, graphic, and interactive media products that can be used in your courses to increase student engagement. To learn more about our services or make a request, please email

Digital Learning @ CTL provides a wide range of digital media services for use in online courses. The use of videos, animations, graphics, and interactive media can improve knowledge retention, engage students, and make concepts easier to understand. Using our understanding of the science of learning, our creative team creates assets that can spark student's interest, clarify concepts, or personalize your course.


Enhancing courses with video can offer an immersive experience for students.

Instructor presence creates a sense of community in an online course. “Presence in this context also considers student perceptions of instructor involvement as a central factor. High levels of engagement, studies indicate, lead to higher levels of student achievement, greater likelihood of graduation, and deeper satisfaction” (Oblinger, 2014, p 14).

Watching online videos can help students learn by supporting different learning styles preferences and allowing students to pause and repeat the content seamlessly. These are examples of videos we can provide:

  • Welcome Videos
  • Demonstrations
  • Check-in videos
  • Interviews
  • Module Overview or Module Bridge Videos


Animation is a strong visual aid that can show complex processes, dynamic content, and transformations. We provide the following animation services:

  • 2D Illustrated video
  • 3D illustrated video

The designer will work with you to create storyboards of what you would like to show. Text or narration can be added to help describe the process or item being show.


Graphics can be a powerful tool when used appropriately in an online course. They can enhance your written content and provide an alternative way for students to access and learn the concepts. Graphics also add an aesthetic appeal that reflects the world that we live in with social media rich in graphic elements. We provide the following graphic services:

  • Representational images that show the components or appearance of an object. These can be particularly useful in science courses, but can be used in a broad spectrum of courses.
  • Process graphics show the flow or sequence of topics. They can be drawings, maps, flowcharts, etc.
  • Data visualization and infographic images can display information in a way that is quick to read and understand. Comparisons and relationships are easily show in this format.
  • Navigation images may be appear to be decorative, but they can be used to pull students into the subject matter. They can also provide information about what students will learn as they enter a section of the course.

Interactive Media

Interactive media creates engagement between students and the subject matter. It can also offer a chance for students to test their knowledge of what they have just learned. We provide the following interactive media services:

  • Drag and drop to the correct location of a diagram
  • Process or timeline arrangement
  • Activities or task checklist
  • Identification
  • Matching
  • Simulation using input variables
  • And, more