CTL Vision Statement:

Advancing learning environments that exemplify caring, equitable, and resilient approaches in order to connect our campus community.

CTL Mission Statement:

The Center for Teaching and Learning at UNM collaborates with students, instructors, and staff to foster the continued growth of an inclusive community of learners by creating spaces and opportunities for reflection and dialogue around evidence-based and learner-centered approaches to teaching and learning. By embracing a growth mindset, we aim to listen with compassion and meet students and instructors where they are. As a comprehensive team, we strive to create and evolve services that meet the educational needs of all Lobos.

The Center for Teaching and Learning partners with faculty, students, and staff to create equitable learning environments that are inclusive, collaborative, and innovative. We do this by

  • fostering student success 
  • promoting service 
  • building cooperation 
  • nurturing growth 
  • creating a sense of belonging 
  • cultivating compassion 
  • supporting resilience