Drop-In Tutoring Support

What is peer tutoring?

Peer (or near-peer) tutoring is a student-led instructional strategy in which students work together to improve academic understanding and performance. CTL Writing & STEM tutors can help you improve your performance in UNM courses ranging from humanities to sciences. CTL drop-in tutoring labs are places for you to work on assignments or study in a supportive environment. Our tutors can help you to use your textbook and notes effectively, deepen your understanding of difficult concepts, and break complex problems down into manageable steps. 

The purpose of peer-led assistance is to help you become more proficient in specific areas and classes. This means that your tutor may step away from working with you so that you can practice strategies on your own. We want to make sure that when you’re outside of our center, you can apply what you have learned in a tutoring session.

Benefits of Peer Tutoring

Asking for help can be difficult! However, it is an essential skill for anyone in college. Asking for help means you are reflecting on your own progress as a learner, that you know you can improve, and that you’re committed to your learning. What are some other benefits to working with a peer tutor?

  • Peer tutors are often less intimidating than TAs, faculty, or professional tutors. In peer tutoring interactions, you may feel more at ease asking questions, being vulnerable about not knowing something, or opening up about other issues that impact academic performance
  • Peer tutors can be role models for other students. Our tutors are peers or near-peers with you and others they serve, and have taken the classes students are seeking support in. This means our tutors have been where you are and can RELATE! Not only can they relate to what you’re experiencing, they can share their own strategies for academic success and serve as examples of the progress that you can make.
  • Peer tutors can boost your confidence and motivation. When you feel less intimidated by a subject or class, you start to develop confidence in your abilities, your study strategies, and even your test performance. When your confidence is boosted, you are a more engaged learner, which helps you maintain motivation throughout the ups and downs of the semester.

What to expect

CTL tutors are trained in best practices and are all certified through the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) International Tutor Training Program Certification. This means that they are trained in strategies to help you reach your individual learning goals, whether they are to improve your understanding of a concept, earn a higher grade, or strengthen a skill.

CTL tutoring services are available in person and online. Come to the drop-in lab for a collaborative, social environment where you can bring your STEM, writing, or language work at any stage of the process.

Drop-in STEM tutoring is available Monday through Friday and on Sunday evenings. To find hours of support for specific STEM classes, please visit the CAPS website. To find hours of support for writing and language, please visit here

Stop by the 3rd floor of Zimmerman Library for STEM, writing, and language tutoring. Our writing tutors can also assist with application writing (e.g., résumés, scholarship materials, study abroad, letters of intent, etc.). Online STEM, writing, and language tutoring take place through our Online Learning Center where you and a tutor can connect and work on materials together. 

Online tutoring process:

  1. Use your UNM login to enter the OLC where you will be greeted by our front desk staff
  2. The front desk staff will connect you with an appropriate subject tutor

If you’re not familiar with the Online Writing Center (OLC), you can watch this video to learn more about how to connect and work with a tutor:

You can also chat with our Virtual Front Desk to get help navigating the OLC and connecting with a tutor.

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