Course Templates

Canvas Commons Template

The UNM CTL Course Template can be added to your course and provides a course structure to get you started. It includes:

  • Home Page
  • Announcement
  • Syllabus Page
  • Canvas Resources
  • Welcome & Orientation Module
  • Lesson Module
    • Module Overview Content Page
    • Presentation Content Page
    • Group Discussion
    • Individual Assignment
    • Quiz
    • Wrap-up Content Page

Each page provides you (the instructor) with guidelines/suggestions as to how to use the sample. Several pages also include helpful resources for your students.

Updates will be added to the template within Commons as needed. If you choose to accept the updates, they will overwrite any changes you made to existing content. Please copy updates into your sandbox or a temp (temporary) course instead of your actual course so that you can avoid any overwrites.

Please note, if you plan to use migrated content from Blackboard Learn, you’ll want to preview the following video first. If you plan to start building from scratch, then skip down to the second video. If you aren’t sure, please consider reading through the Course Migration Options from UNM Canvas Support.

How to View and Use Migrated Content from Blackboard Learn

How to Find and Import the Template from Canvas Commons

Text Directions