Spring Teaching Conference

Past Conferences

2023 Spring Teaching Conference

CTL’s annual teaching conference began in 2005 in partnership with colleges across UNM, and was originally titled Success in the Classroom. Past themes included:

  • Native Pedagogies
  • Teaching and Social Justice
  • Teaching Across Difference
  • Engaging Undergraduates
  • Graduate Students as Teachers
  • How Graduate Students Teach: Pedagogies, Learning, and Leading

Each year the conference includes a keynote speaker or speakers and panels and/or workshops featuring UNM instructors (faculty, graduate students, and staff). Notable keynote speakers include: Sylvia Hurtado, Karen Kelsky, Jesse Aleman, and Kelly Hogan.

The goals of the conference are to:

  • Showcase the great pedagogical work taking place at UNM.
  • Promote and motivate creativity and innovation in teaching.
  • Encourage and support reflective practice and the scholarship of teaching and learning (SOTL).
  • Invigorate the teaching and learning conversations on campus.
  • Facilitate and promote intra- and cross-disciplinary conversations and collaborations on teaching and learning.
  • Create an environment that motivates the formation of teaching communities of practice within and across departments.