Non-Academic Careers

Planning for a career after grad school is a major source of stress for graduate students. It can be particularly opaque or frightening for those of us who are considering careers outside the professorate. Graduate Support is here to help graduate students explore and prepare for the myriad of professions available, whether they are in government, non-profits, or the private sector. We strongly encourage all graduate students to think early and often about their career trajectories.

What can we do for graduates? We offer support in several different areas for all graduate students, regardless of discipline. For those students who are thinking about non-academic possibilities, we provide a safe place for career path advisement designed to help you explore various career options and what they entail. For students actively seeking a position, we can also assist with the job search. We are available to look over résumés, curricula vitae, application letters, LinkedIn profiles, or other materials you are preparing. We also provides tips and strategies for marketing yourself, and the numerous skills you develop in graduate programs, in a way that maximizes your impact on the non-academic market. Even if you are certain that academia is right for you, we offer advice on ways to productively supplement your academic career journey. We also offer workshops as part of our regular schedule.

For Graduate Students

Graduate Support welcomes anyone interested in Non-Academic careers to schedule a one-on-one consultation with one of our consultants. To schedule an appointment you may email us at Please note that in-person appointments are limited during the Summer as we transition to a new workspace.

For Faculty and Departments

Graduate Support is also available to support faculty and departments in discussing the non-academic career world. On request, we can provide workshops or course visits for your students, as well as supply resources on the job search, career paths, and mentoring. We are also happy to speak with faculty who have students interested in non-academic career paths and would like support on how to better mentor their students. For more information, or to schedule our services, please contact us.

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