Online Learning Assistants (OLAs)

What are Online Learning Assistants (OLAs)?

OLAs are trained tutors who are embedded in your fully online course. They are UNM students who have previously taken the course and excelled. OLAsworkwith students under the instructor’s guidance during the duration of the course.Theyfocus on helpingimprovestudent learning outcomes andfoster engagement with course material and challenging course concepts.

Benefits of having an Online Learning Assistant

  • An OLAoffers the perspective of an experienced student in class discussions
  • Through a peer tutoring model, OLAs can help build a sense of community in online learning environments
  • Embedded support such as OLAs can help students who may not seek tutoring otherwise

For Faculty

Assignment of an OLA to a course is dependent on tutor availability and budget, the type of course and the way the OLA is incorporated into the curriculum. Ideally, a course that is a good fit for OLA support meets these requirements:

  • Is a fully remote course
  • Includes frequent, challenging assignments
  • The curriculum allows for minor adjustments to incorporate the tutor
  • Has been historically difficult for undergraduate students

If you are interested in receiving Online Learning Assistant (OLA) support for your course, please contact Morgan Lewton.