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Stephanie Sanchez

Program Specialist GRC

Stephanie M. Sanchez is a Program Specialist for the Graduate Resource Center, a resource hub for graduate students to receive assistance with writing, statistics, qualitative or quantitative research, and professional and academic development. Stephanie is from the South Valley of New Mexico. She holds a doctorate in ethnology from the University of New Mexico. Her academic interests are in southwestern folklore, including women’s performance of cultural identity, religious ritual, and foodways. Stephanie’s experiences in graduate school and with the dissertation writing process inspired her to help other graduate students find success and a sense of belonging during their graduate studies. In her free time, Stephanie loves to go hiking and camping. While at home, she enjoys reading, writing, and cooking. Grateful for the mentors and support she has had throughout her education, Stephanie wants to ensure others find their place and passion at UNM.

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Phone: (505) 277-1418