Golden Paw Recipients

The following instructors and courses have been certified through a course review process led by three peer instructors who have taught online, and selected by the Online Course Advisory Council.  These courses were reviewed to meet the UNM Online Best Practices Rubric standards in 5 Categories: Course Overview and Introduction, Instructional Elements, Interaction and Collaboration, Assessment and Feedback, and Course Evaluation.

The UNM rubric was developed at the direction of the Provost by faculty members serving on the Online Course Advisory Council and approved by the Faculty Senate Teaching Enhancement Committee.  The following are the Recipients who have recieved the Online Course Advisory Best Practices Certificate.

Spring 2023 Recipients

  • Monique Rodriguez, Assistant Professor

    COUN 577, Substance Use and Abuse

  • Ryan Knight, Lecturer I

    ACCT 2120, Managerial Accounting

  • Cris Elder, Associate Professor

    ENGL 417, Technical Editing

  • Amy Collins, Temp Parttime Faculty

    PH 101, Population Health 101

  • Breanna Griego-Schmitt, Term Teaching Faculty

    FYEX 1030, Critical Text Analysis

  • Yu-Yu Hsiao, Assistant Professor

    EDPY 511, Introductory Educational Statistics

  • Diana Habel-Rodriguez, Lecturer III

    CHEM 1225, General Chemistry II

  • Chris Duvall, Chairperson

    GEOG 1160L, Home Planet Lab

  • Marina Popova, Temp Parttime Faculty

    MATH 1220, College Algebra

  • Huaiyu (Mike) Duan, Associate Professor

    PHYS 1115, Survey of Physics

  • Stephanie Sanchez, Temp Parttime Faculty

    CCS 480/580, New Approaches in Chicana and Chicano Studies

  • Mario Del Ángel-Guevara, Teaching Assistant

    SPAN 301, Curanderismo I

Spring 2021 Recipients

  • Susana Martinez Guillem, Associate Professor

    CJ 318, Language, Thought, and Behavior

  • Yoo Kyung Sung, Associate Professor

    LLSS 500, Issues in Language/Literacy/Sociocultural Studies

  • Doug Thomas, Professor

    MGMT 328, International Management

  • Donna Ray, Senior Lecturer III

    HIST 441, Religion in American History

  • Cleophas Muneri, Senior Lecturer III

    CJ 340, Communications in Organizations

  • Debra Serrino, Clinician Ed-Instructor

    NURS 406, Nursing in the Community

  •  Marina Popova, Temp Parttime Faculty

    MATH 1430-B, Application of Calculus I

  •  Elizabeth Dickson, Assistant Professor

    NURS 505, Health Care Policy, Systems, and Financing for Advanced Roles

  •  Eliot Knight, Temporary Parttime Faculty

    COMM 2245, Web Design Online

  • Wendy Greyeyes, Assistant Professor

    NATV 480, Building Native Nations

  • Oleksandr Tkachenko,  Assistant Professor

    OILS 540, Foundations of Human Resource Development

  • Kate Cunningham,  Journalism Instructor

    COMM 2185, Multimedia and Visual Communication

  • David Gomez,  Temp Part Time Faculty

    OILS 535/6, Culture and Global e-Learning

  • Heidi Rogers,  Clinician Ed-Assist Prof

    PH 560, Concepts in Climate Change and Public Health Preparedness

  • Keith Prufer, Professor

    ANTH 1115, Introduction to Anthropology

  • Jackee Wuellner, Director: RN-BSN Program

    NURS 407, Caring for Vulnerable Populations

Spring 2020 Recipients

  •  Frances Vitali, Senior Lecturer III

    EDUC 438, Reading & Writing in the Content Area

  • Jessica Rowland, Lecturer II

    SUST 1134, Introduction to Sustainability Studies

  • Allen Butt, Senior Lecturer III

    PSYC 450, The Dreaming Brain

  • Tobias Fischer, Professor

    ENVS 1130, The Blue Planet

  •  Carolyn Hushman, Assistant Professor

    EDPY 472, Classroom Assessment

  •  Tanya Ivanova-Sullivan, Associate Professor

    MLNG 1110, Approaches to Languages and Cultures

  • M.R. Hofer, Associate Professor

    ENGL 388, The Space-Age Epic

  •  Marissa Greenberg, Associate Professor

    ENGL 352, Early Shakespeare

  • Nancy López, Director, Institute for the: Study of "Race" & Social Justice

    SOC 420, Race and Inequality

  • Cleophas Muneri, Senior Lecturer III

    CJ 365 History of Media

  •  Debby Smith, Principal Lecturer II

    NURS 408, Professional Leadership & Management Roles in Nursing

  • Linda Shul, Professional Faculty

    MGMT 324, New Venture Strategies

  • Colin Olson, Senior Lecturer

    SOC 424 Race, Class, and Crime

  • Tiffany Lee, Professor, Chair

    NATV 2140 Research Issues in Native America

  • Aaron French, Associate Professor

    MGMT 329 Data Management

Fall 2019 Recipients

  •  Yury Bosin, Temp Part-time Faculty

    POLS 2120 Introduction to International Relations

  • Chris Hall, Professor

    ME 595 Orbital Mechanics

  •  Gail Houston, Professor

    ENG 457 Victorian Studies

  • M. R. Hofer, Associate Professor

    ENGL 2620 American Literature II

  • Natasha Howard, Lecturer III

    AFST 1110 Introduction to African Studies

  • Charlie Steen, Professor

    HIST 1150 Western Civilization I

  • Kelly Van Andel, Term Teaching Faculty

    RELG 350 Religion and Literature

  •  Kate Cunningham, Part-time Faculty

    COMM 2190 Writing and Editing for Multimedia

  • Leola Tsinnajinnie, Assisstant Professor

    NATV 1150 Introduction to Native American Studies

  • Nicole Capehart, Visiting Lecturer I

    MGMT 398 Career Management Skills

  • Jennifer Drexler, Clinician Ed-Instructor and Heidi Rogers, Clinician Ed-Assistant Professor

    NURS 459 Mindfulness, Health, and Well-Being

  • Kimran Buckholz, Lecturer III

    BIO 1140 Biology for Health Related Sciences and Non-Majors

  •  Christine Nathe, Professor

    DEHY 510 Dental Hygiene Research Methodology

  • Jen Bennett, Adjunct Lecturer III

    PSYC 2120 Developmental Psychology

  •  Debra Serrino, Clinician Educator

    NURS 429 Wound Care

Spring 2019 Recipients

  •  Angelica Boyle, Visiting Lecturer II

    HED 371 Introduction to Public & Community Health

  • Cody Wiley, Adjunct Faculty II

    GEOG 140 Introduction to World Regions

  • Dave Dixon, Lecturer III

    ECON 105 Introductory Macroeconomics

  •  Linda Shul, Professional Faculty

    MGMT 322 Marketing Management

  •  Kathy Isaacson, Lecturer III

    CJ 327 Persuasive Communication

  •  Tony Tiongson, Associate Professor

    AMST 184 Intro to American Popular Culture  - TA Master Course

  • Doris Careaga-Coleman, Lecturer III

    CCS 493 Literatura y Cultura Afro-Mexicana

  • Liz Johnson, Lecturer II

    MEDL 320 Introduction to Clinical Hematology and Hemostasis

Fall 2018 Recipients

  • Allen Butt, Senior Lecturer III

    PSYC 2270 Psychology of Learning and Memory

  • Jenn Gutierrez, Instructor

    EDUC 595 Advanced Field Experience

  • Lisa Gerber, Principal Lecturer

    PHIL 156 Reasoning and Critical Thinking

  • Lisa Marchiondo, Assistant Professor

    MGMT 306 Organizational Behavior and Diversity

  •  Yen Pham, Assistant Professor

    SPCD 440/550 Introduction to Learning Disabilities

Spring 2018 Recipients

  •  Sheryl Dodd-Hansen, Temp Part-time Faculty

    CE 574 Principles of Written Construction Documents

  •  Gail Houston, Professor

    ENGL 295 Survey of Later English Literature

  •  Kelly Van Andel, Term Teaching Faculty

    ENGL 304 The Bible as Literature

  •  Cody Wiley, Adjunct Faculty II

    GEOG 101 Land, Water, Life

  •  Dave Dixon, Lecturer III

    ECON 303 Intermediate Microeconomics 1

  •  Lea Briggs, Assistant Professor

    OILS 320 Information Management for Professionals

  •  Satya Witt, Senior Lecturer

    BIOL 1110L Biology for Non-Majors

  •  Luke Gorton, Lecturer III

    CLST 107 Greek Mythology

  • Tiffany Bourelle, Assistant Professor

    ENGL 120 Accelerated Composition

  • Shadee Abdi, Lecturer III

    CJ 130 Public Speaking

  • Cristina Reiser, Lecturer III

    ECON 106 Introduction to Microeconomics

  •  Christina Calleros, Assistant Professor

    DEHY 330 Dental Health Education

  • Tiffany Bourelle, Assistant Professor

    ENGL 219 Technical and Professional Writing

  •  Holly Hitzemann, Temp Part-time Faculty

    MGMT 498, Strategic Management

Fall 2017 Recipients

  •  Paul Rhien, Temp Part-time Faculty

    ALB 365 Social Media Arts Marketing

  •  Justine Andrews, Associate Professor and Chair

    ARTH 201 History of Art I

  • Carmen Samora, Assistant Research Faculty

    CCS 201 Introduction to Chicana Chicano Studies

  •  Marjori Krebs, Associate Professor

    EDUC 101 Introduction to Education in New Mexico

  •  Cheryl Torrez, Associate Professor

    EDUC 502 Advanced Instructional Strategies

  •  Marissa Greenberg, Associate Professor

    ENGL 354 Milton

  • Sheri Williams, Assistant Professor

    LEAD 560 Instructional Leadership, Supervision, and Evaluation

  • Ann Brooks, Principal Lecturer

    MGMT 303 Managerial Accounting

  • Jacqueline Hood, Professor

    MGMT 306 Organizational Behavior and Diversity

  • Jan Martin, Assistant Professor

    NURS 410 Foundations of Leading Change and Advancing Health

  •  Tiffany Lee, Professor

    NATV 305 Indigenous Self-Determination in Education

  • Jacqueline Wuellner, Instructor of Nursing

    NURS 429 Intro to Holistic Nursing

Spring 2017 Recipients

  •  Ruth Meredith, Temp Part-time Faculty

    ARTH 101 Introduction to Art

  •  Carmen Samora, Assistant Research Faculty

    CCS 342 Race, Culture, Gender, Class History of New Mexico

  •  Kathy Isaacson, Lecturer III

    CJ 221 Interpersonal Communication  - TA Master Course

  •  Kathy Isaacson, Lecturer III

    CJ 323 Nonverbal Communication  - TA Master Course

  •  Christine Nathe, Professor

    DEHY 538 Stats in Dental Hygiene

  •  Irene Welch, Senior Lecturer III

    EDUC 330L  Teaching of Reading to Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students

  •  Tiffany Bourelle, Assistant Professor

    ENGL110 Composition III

  •  Robin Minthorn, Assistant Professor

    LEAD 509 Leadership & Organizational Change

  •  Shawn Secatero, Assistant Professor

    LEAD 521 School Finance and Resource Allocation

  •  Dawn Nordquist, Visiting Lecturer III

    LING 101 Introduction to the Study of Language  - TA Master Course

  •  Bryan Wehrli, Lecturer III

    EDUC 590 Master's Capstone

  •  Angelica Boyle, Temp Part-time Faculty

    HED 477/577 Stress Management

  • Amelia Nelson, Senior Lecturer

    MGMT 463 Employment Law for Business Managers

  •  Robert Tepper, Principal Lecturer

    MGMT 559  Law for Accountants

  •  Nuzhat Ali, Senior Lecturer I

    NURS 409 Health Policy, Economics & Systems

  •  Ruth De Rego, Assistant Professor & Van Roper, Assistant Professor

    NURS 526 Advanced Pathophysiology

  •  Melinda Tinkle, Associate Professor

    NURS 405 Genetic Literacy Across the Lifespan

  •  Cheryl Bryan, Temp Part-time Faculty

    PSY 329 Adolescent Psychology

  • Bruno Gagnon, Temp Part-time Faculty

    PSY 400 History of Psychology

  •  Eva Rodriguez Gonzalez, Associate Professor

    SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish I  - TA Master Course

  •  Eva Rodriguez Gonzalez, Associate Professor

    SPAN 102 Elementary Spanish II  - TA Master Course

Fall 2016 Recipients

  •  Kersti Tyson, Assistant Professor

    EDUC 361 Teaching Mathematics K-8

  •  Marjori Krebs, Associate Professor

    EDUC 563 Mentoring Educators for Professional Growth

  •  Yoo Kyung Sung, Associate Professor

    EDUC/LLSS 537 International Literature for Young People

  •  Regina Chavez Puccetti, Lecturer II

    FA 250 Introduction to Arts Management

  •  Mary Kathleen Towle, Temp Part-time Faculty

    MGMT 326 Financial Management

  •  Asal Naseri, Lecturer II

    ME 306 Dynamics

  • Heidi Rogers, Assistant Professor

    NURS 501 Theoretical Foundations of Advanced Nursing

  •  Kim Cox, Associate Professor

    NURS 613 Mixed Methods Research

  •  Angeline Delucas, Assistant Professor

    NURS 703 Applied Clinical Research in Advanced Nursing Practice

  • Bruce Perlman, Regents' Professor

    PADM 522 Program Evaluation

  •  Ellen Grigsby, Principal Lecturer

    POLS 260 Political Ideas

  •  Donna Ray, Lecturer III

    RELG 264 Western Religions

  •  Phyllis Palmer, Associate Professor

    SHS 302 Intro to Communication Disorders

Spring 2016 Recipients

  •  Laurel Lampela, Professor

    ARTE 590 Current Trends and Issues in Art Education

  •  Satya Witt, Lecturer III

    BIOL 1110 Biology for Non-Majors

  •  Melissa Velasco, Temp Part-time Faculty

    DANC 105 Dance Appreciation

  • Terri Flowerday, Professor

    EDPY 310 Learning and the Classroom

  •  Virginia Padilla Vigil, Temp Part-time Faculty

    EDUC 400 Elementary Student Teaching Seminar

  •  Lisa Chavez, Associate Professor

    ENG 224 Introduction to Creative Writing

  •  Ying Xu, Term Teaching Faculty

    ENGL 315 Interdisciplinary Approaches to Literature:  The Outlaw and the Outlawed in American Literature

  •  Julie Shigekuni, Professor

    ENGL 421 Advanced Creative Writing-Fiction

  •  Sheri Williams, Assistant Professor

    LEAD 503 Data-Informed Instructional Leadership

  •  Barbara Masten, Professor

    MEDL 234 Introduction to Clinical Immunology

  •  Lee Danielson, Associate Professor

    MEDL 310L Introduction to Clinical Chemistry

  •  Amelia Nelson, Senior Lecturer

    MGMT 310 Legal Issues for Managers

  •  Mary Margaret Rogers, Associate Professor of Management

    MGMT 586 Strategic Logistics Management

  •  Jennifer Lau, Principal Lecturer III

    MUS 139 Music Appreciation

  •  Jeffrey Piper, Professor

    MUS 375 The Beatles: Revolution

  •  Paula Corbin-Swalin, Temp Part-time Faculty

    MUS 376 Film Music History

  •  Debra Smith, Principal Lecturer III

    NURS 302 Advancement of Professional Nursing

  •  Amy Weiss, Assistant Professor & Kathy Minoli, Senior Lecturer

    NURS 543 Pharmacological Principals of Clinical Therapeutics

  • PJ Woods, Associate Professor

    NURS 705  The Business & Policy of Practice & Their Effects on the U.S. Health Care System

  •  Barbra Portzline, Temp Part-time Faculty

    OILS 544 Program Evaluation

  •  Michael Hess, Temp Part-time Faculty

    POLS 200 American Politics

  •  Bruno Gagnon, Temp Part-time Faculty

    PSY 376 The Psychology of Love

  •  Rebecca Blankley, Senior Lecturer III

    RADS 481 Medical Imaging Pathology

  •  Kelly Van Andel, Term Teaching Faculty

    RELG 107 Living World Religions

  •  Carmen Julia Holguin Chaparro, Lecturer III

    SPAN 307 Introduction to Hispanic Literature

  •  Justina Trott, Temp Part-time Faculty

    WMST 379 Women, Medicine & Health

Fall 2015 Recipients

  •  Keith Hunley, Associate Professor 

    ANTH 150 Evolution and Human Emergence

  •  David Weiss, Assistant Professor 

    CJ 387 Introduction to Strategic Communication

  •  Charles Fleddermann, Professor

    ECE 203 Circuit Analysis I

  •  Cristina Reiser, Lecturer III 

    ECON 105 Introductory Macroeconomics

  •  Jan Armstrong, Professor 

    EDPY 303 Human Growth and Development

  •  Irene Welch-Mooney, Senior Lecturer

    EDUC 331/531 Teaching of Reading in the Elementary School

  •  Cheryl Torrez, Associate Professor

    EDUC 542 Principles of Curriculum Development

  •  CK Barlow, Lecturer II

    FA 470 Advanced Topics in Arts Management Practices: Arts Entrepreneurship

  •  Cody Wiley, Adjunct Faculty II

    GEOG 102 People & Place

  •  Peter Vorobieff, Professor

    ME 530 Theoretical Fluid Mechanics

  • Yu-Lin Shen, Professor 

    ME 542 Deformation Analysis and Modeling

  •  Elizabeth Greer, Director & Principal Lecturer

    RADS 406 Medical Imaging Theory III

  •  Ann Brooks, Principal Lecturer 

    MGMT 550 Professional Accounting

  •  Joshua Saiz, Temp Part-time Faculty

    MGMT 637 Database Management

  •  Laurie Schatzberg, Professor Emerita

    MGMT 630 Management of IS

  •  Robin Meize-Grochowski, Professor

    NURS 332 Evidence-Based Practice

  •  Jacqueline Wuellner, Instructor of Nursing 

    NURS 515 Nurse Educator Roles and Professional Issues

  • Jennifer Bennett, Temp Part-time Faculty

    PSY 332 Abnormal Behavior

  •  Lisa Gerber, Senior Lecturer

    RELG 263 Eastern Religions

  •  Becky Adams, Temp Part-time Faculty

    OILS 530 Theory & Practice of Distance Learning

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