Mid-Semester Student Feedback: Facilitated In-Class Session

The facilitated mid-semester student feedback process is initiated by the instructor by emailing Teaching Support at CTL.

2 women sitting at a desk in front of a computer

Initial Meeting (CTL Staff and Instructor)

Once the initial contact is made, CTL staff set up a preliminary meeting with the instructor to:

  • Discuss process and expectations
  • Identify one class period ~ 30-minute portion of the class (typically the latter half of class) for the process to be implemented
  • Schedule a follow-up meeting for feedback
  • Complete a pre-feedback form

In-Class Facilitated Feedback Session (CTL Staff and Students) 

students sitting at desks in a group setting 

In the set 30-minute period, teaching support staff engage students in the feedback process as follows:

  • Stage 1: Students respond individually to 3 questions:
    1. What has really helped you learn in this course?
    2. What improvements could be made in this course?
    3. What could you do differently to help improve your learning or increase your success in this course?
  • Stage 2: Groups are formed and the 3 most common answers identified for each of the 3 questions
  • Stage 3: Students individually rate their agreement/disagreement with the common answers identified for each of the 3 questions (scale of 1-5)

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Follow-Up Meeting (CTL Member and Instructor)

In the follow-up meeting between CTL staff and the instructor, the following steps are taken:

  • Anonymous comments and data are presented to instructor
  • Course of action is discussed
  • Optional: A brief letter confirming participation (no data or specific details) can be provided to Department Chair
    • Only if the instructor chooses to do so

NOTE: The Mid-Semester Evaluation process is confidential. CTL members will not share any information without the permission of the instructor. This process is meant to help inform instructors in their teaching.

This should be a supportive, positive, and valuable experience for the instructor.